Florence Lake - It's All the Lake You'll Ever NeedPhoto of the mighty Sierra Queen, our ferry, and the mountains.

Nestled in the John Muir Wilderness,
this is one of the jewels of the Sierra. Isolated, quiet, peaceful, it offers relief from your soul-jarring urban existence.
Come join us here at the end of the road.

You’ll not be stuck in the boonies when you come to Florence Lake. There are facilities and services available that include campgrounds, picnic area, store, boat rentals, horseback riding, and passenger ferry service to places around the lake, and the main connection to the mid-point of the John Muir Trail, the most popular hiking trail in the United States. Check us out; you’ll be glad you did!

Check out our map that tells you all you ever wanted to know about finding Florence Lake.

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Florence Lake Store & Ferry is operated under a Special Use Permit on land under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service

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