How about going for a horseback ride?

If you want to do something fun for a morning or an afternoon, go for a horseback ride!

The High Sierra Pack Station has its Florence Lake Unit right near the trailhead parking lot (their main station is at Edison Lake). Around here, you can go for a guided ride down to Jackass Meadow, for instance, or take a horse up to Dutch, Hidden, or Crater Lake (or other nearby lake) for a few hours’ trout fishing.

You can go on a ride as short as two hours. Or, if you’re ambitious, let them plan a pack trip for you. A few days or weeks in the back country should leave you with some wonderful memories. Reservations are required, and they can accommodate your needs by providing the camping gear, the food, the cook, whatever you need.

Also, they can provide spot packing services. They’ll take your gear to wherever you’re going so you don’t have to wear yourself out.

For reservations, call the High Sierra Pack Station
(559) 299-8297
during the off-season (late Autumn to early Spring)

(559) 285-PACK
during the operating season (Spring through Autumn)

At the far end of the lake is the lakeside unit of the Lost Valley Pack Station. Check out their Web site, or call them at (559) 855-3960 or (559) 584-9132.

Or how about a stay at the Muir Trail Ranch? Reservations are necessary, whether for a week or just an overnight stay. More information is available at (Click “Meanwhile, back at the Ranch” at the bottom of this page.)

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch